Spring 2022

Spring 2022



 sometimes so angry at My Life 
packing to leave town that the nerve 
down my center so long 
tuned to this one diagnosis aka My Life 
which will soon turn inside out shuck me 
ride on a train and leave the old skin 
on the platform or in a stinking multisex 
restroom or with the meter expired 
so I pay the fare and go 
home the mind grows numb 
and blackens how long will 
it take to grow back
from one severed limb of star-
matter if that is anything can

By Nancy White


She's too innocent for me, he tells his friends at school, before he comes over and spends entire afternoons in my bedroom. I can see the nerves in his eyes when he puts his hand up my shirt, one time, abruptly, with so much tenderness and care that it tickles and I laugh. He never tries it again. I know the truth: I'm not the one who isn't ready. Every day I wait. 

From "The Mariana Trench" by Alaina Scarano


You look at the picture on the screen and it’s David. He’s smiling the same smile from 
yesterday and his eyelashes are just as long as they were yesterday and you still find his nose big and endearing. They’re already talking about possible motives, tossing the words terrorist, radical, monster, around from correspondent to correspondent. You see David sitting across from you saying he doesn’t like coffee. No matter how hard you try, you can’t apply those words to the guy you met yesterday. 

From "You Don't Have to Be Good to Be Nice" by Kameron Ray Morton


Cover art: "this is how you become everything that exists" by Christina Rosche

Spring 2022