Spring/Fall 2020

spring / Fall 2020



now is the winter
after the war. we dissent
with the sunrise, wreck

our hands in frozen furrows,
weigh the taste of dirt-crowned ginger

against the hollow
sounds that surface, sprout like weeds
from within our throats.

By Kimberly Glanzman


On good days, at bedtime, my son asks his dad and me to name famous people with dyslexia or dyscalculia or ADHD. On bad days, he asks, “Why did God make me this way?” Most parents I know are fending off monsters, high-fructose corn syrup, screen time. My husband and I must fend off an existential crisis.  

From "My Son" by Elizabeth Vondrak


Sun spanned the sky but not one buyer approached him. The Assembly had decreed that goats are god’s own creatures. If a goat was found to have been killed, the butcher was to be stoned to death at the village square; so it serves as an ultimate deterrent to anyone who intended to consume the meat. Death to the killer of goats, the government had proclaimed, adding, activists who say that peasants are dying because nobody is willing to buy their livestock for fear of the State are animals, and they’d be the ones who’d be sent to the gallows. 

From "Gods, Goats, Guns" by Mandira Pattnaik


Cover art: "Forest Magic" by Christine Connerly

Spring/Fall 2020