Fall 2023

In This Issue


Claire Cooper | Flu
Blossom Hibbert | Two Coffees with a Madman
Richard Moriarty | Spiral
Nicholas Y, Shi | Grainlent Cyclic
Briana Wipf | Ralph Davis is Missing


Acadia Currah | Good Grief
Karen Multer | Those Eggs Are Going to Cost You
Megan E. O'Laughlin | Fifth Season
José Antonio Rodríguez | On Failed Bombs and Passing
Amy Scheiner | Such a Beauty


Ruth A.M. | Falling Asleep Over Paradise Lost
Sharon Denmark | Costume, Settled
Laine Derr | A Strike, Blooming Thistle
Chengru He | Cat, The Sun, Green
Noelle Hendrickson | It's Simple Really, Friday Night 2021
Amorak Huey | Reboot, Seasons
Brooke Kenney | [I Drank So Much Coffee, My Brain Detached]
E.R. Lutken | Dead-Nettle, Grieved By the Wind
Daniel Edward Moore | Alarm Fatigue, Scrubbing Underwear Made for the Holy
Matthew Moniz | Aubade, Base 10
Larry Narron | Skate Shop, Red Curb
Hailey Pedersen | My Mom Sounded Tired
Dani Putney | Foucault
Todd Robinson | Psuedo Abecedarian, Erasable, Pre-Elegy
Miles Waggener | A Sonoran Packrat
Haley Winans | Internal Extinction


Lawrence Bridges | Photography
Jackie Coon | Photography
Edward Lee | Photography
AE Reiff | Ceramic Sculpture
Adam Rubin | Photography
Jason Tannen | Photography

Cover art: “Perspective” by Adam Rubin

Fall 2023