Fall 2019

In This Issue


Sarah Benal | Litany
Lisa Favicchia | A Bloated Blue Whale Washes Up on Unsuspecting...
DS Levy | False Hellebore
Hina Rani | Total Solar Eclipse
Monica Strina | Limbs
Tina Xiang | That Same Sad Tale


Olakitan Aladesuyi | This is My Body
Kathleen Bangs | Man from the Moon
Kyle Cochrun | Approximation of Urban Heat, Vol. 4
Brandon Marlon | The Game You Lose Just by Playing
Ronald Smith | Sublimation
Mireya Vela | Insect Pins
Terrance Wedin | Background


Ben Aguilar | Let Me Rephrase That
Kristin Berger | Venus Comb
Carl Boon | There's Always Been Before
Kari Despain | If Anyone Got Her
Hollie Dugas | Alchemy's Darling
Kathryn Fitzpatrick | Outside the Last Dyke Bar... & Convenience Store
Juan Camillo Garza | Sabbath, What Belongs to Us & Untitled
Carrie George | New Spring
Laura G. Goetz | Seedling & Monsoon Season
Amy Hsieh | Parabole
Rebecca Macijeski | Theories of Opening... & Theories of Imagination
Anika Malhotra | nanay
Cecil Morris | I couldn't help myself
Janice Northerns | Tongues of Men and Angels
stephanie roberts | Bourbon Moon
Nicole Scott | Mother of Wolves
SM Stubbs | Tender
Jennifer Thal | We All Had One
Tiffany L. Thomas | autopoiesis


Jury S. Judge | Digital Photography
Bill Wolak | Collage
Fall 2019