Spring 2024

In This Issue


Jamil Badi | How We Know the Forest's Name
Neelam Bhojani | The Wedding Guest
Rich Glinnen | Cradle
Lydia Pejovic | Sea Glass
Bryan D. Price | Danielle


Elizabeth Amon | The Snatched Back Ones
Navneet Bhullar | Cleaved
Rosalind Goldsmith | Angela
Sally Krueger-Wyman | Hello, the Sun


Kathleen Boyle | Yuma & from The Atlas of My Geomorphology
Leia K. Bradley | Magnolia at Henrietta
Daniel Brennan | Bloody Mary
Steve Fay | A Day in Autumn & How a Dead Plum Tree Matters
Andrew Gent | Jesus Beach Towel
Peggy Hammond | Turn
Sel Hartman | [blank] as in & Golden State
Jo Hooste | gone, here & Sloth | Sloth Deranged
Emma Miller | Junction & Friendtending
Manthipe Moila | Swipe Right
James B. Nicola | Typewriter
Christian Paulisich | Souvenir
Linda Scheller | The Meander & Reliquary


JC Alfier | Collage
Nadia Arioli | Drawings
Caleb Ishaya Oseshi | Photography
Erika Lynet Salvador | Photography

Cover art: “The Protector” by Erika Lynet Salvador

Spring 2024