Fall 2019

Meet Our Editors

Sarah Pape

Sarah Pape teaches English and works as the Managing Editor of Watershed Review at Chico State. Her poetry and prose has recently been published in The New York TimesNew England ReviewPassages NorthEcotone, Crab Orchard Review, Bluestem, The PinchSmartish PaceHayden’s Ferry Review, and others. She curates community literary programming and is a member of the Squaw Valley Community of Writers. 

Lily Anderson is currently a senior at Chico State working on a BA in English studies with a minor in creative writing. Currently an editor for Chico State’s literary magazine, Watershed Review, Lily is interested in earning a certificate in Editing and Publishing. She hopes to go on to get a Master’s degree in creative writing. Her main focus is creative nonfiction, but has always had a soft spot for poetry since she was a child. She is very much a cat person and enjoys spending way too much money on oat milk lattes and croissants at her favorite café, Upper Crust, while reading and trying to write her way through understanding life.

Alyssa Bounds is a Bay Area native studying Legal Studies at California State University, Chico, where she lives with her roommate and cat, Bean Bounds. She is currently working towards finishing up her creative writing and criminal justice minors. Her writings have been featured on Teen Ink’s spotlight page twice. Ironically, her preferred genre is a short thriller, though she hates scary movies. Her non-writing hobbies include cooking but not cleaning, scrolling through twitter, bingeing TV shows, and taking long naps in the library. She believes life is better with a Yerba Mate in your hand.

Joshua De La Cruz is a Northern California native and long time fiction writer, and is currently an editor for Watershed Review. He’s been published in the Inky Squib magazine and was an editor for Seven-Eighth’s Under Water magazine. He currently attends Chico State where he’s earning a BA in English studies, a minor in Creative Writing, and a Certificate in Editing and Publishing. Joshua is a progressive metal/metal-core drummer for the band, Carcosa (2nd place winner in ZrockFM’s Pumpkinhead Battle of the Bands). He enjoys songs that are written in odd time signatures. He also plans to become a professional editor if his dream of becoming a touring drummer doesn’t work out.

Brianna Gorman is a third-year student at California State University, Chico. She is studying English Education and Creative Writing. Brianna is pursuing a career in teaching in hopes to inspire her future students the way her teachers inspired her. Accepted into the Honors Program at Chico State, Brianna has been awarded Dean’s List since her first semester of college. As a member of the international sorority, Alpha Gamma Delta, Brianna takes pride in her title as Vice President of the Chico State chapter. Brianna is a creative and thoughtful writer whose work includes sensitive and personal topics. While Brianna’s work discusses potentially sorrowful topics, her writing is also powerful, evoking emotion from the reader.

Alex Grant is a creative writer in his final semester at Chico State with a journalism major and a creative writing minor nearly in his grasp. He’s learned a lot as a news reporter, editor and as the managing editor of The Orion, the student-run college newspaper, but his focus now is to expand his work into poetry, creative nonfiction, and immersive journalism. Grant is keen on exploring; he wears the same hiking boots every day just in case his curiosity leads him down a long, unexpected path. He’s also an avid biker and, much like his journalistic efforts, he often pushes the limits of his basic black city bike as he goes down rocky, dirt paths perhaps unwisely to the dismay of several popped tire tubes.

Tashia Jones is currently a student at Chico State, graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in English Studies with a Certificate in Literary Editing and Publishing. She now works at the School of the Arts Publicity Office as a publicity assistant. Tashia is also a student editor for Chico State’s literary magazine, Watershed Review. When she isn’t living the sorority life, promoting raves, or dancing on stage at the raves, she loves to write in her free time. She has written poems, songs, and nonfiction pieces. She intends to become a writer for large magazines or a publicist.

Victoria Rose Lauderdale (her name sounds like a main protagonist in a novel to a teacher) is an aspiring writer, and currently an editor of Watershed Review. Writing first became a reality to her in 5th grade, when her story was put on display in the main office of her elementary school. She is currently a college student in pursuit of a bachelor’s degree in Organizational Communication, and a minor in Creative Writing. When not helping her friends, or busy with schoolwork, she can be found enjoying a nap or letting her imagination run wild from the relative safety of her own home.

Katelyn McLaughlin is currently in her third year at California State University, Chico, pursuing her bachelor’s degree in Liberal Studies with a Creative Writing minor. She grew up in a small town in the hills just outside of Sacramento, California, where the beautiful landscape around her inspired her to discover a love of writing. Katelyn loves to spend her time going on runs, painting, exploring old bookstores, and reading the latest young adult fiction. When she’s not writing, Katelyn can be found volunteering at a local elementary classroom, helping kindergarteners learn how to read and write. She hopes to become an elementary school teacher someday, while continuing her love of writing on the side.

Marco Medina lives in a dirt patch in the middle of nowhere with his dog, Worm. A stray cat hangs out there too. Occasionally he tends to his cacti, but they don’t really need him anymore. He enjoys reading horror novels and doodling the awful creatures that populate them. Marco hopes to do something with an English degree.

Landon Mote is a self-described amateur of a million and one things, and will always point out exactly how awful he is at any of them. Which is true—the jack of some trades is the master of none of them. His friends like to try and convince him otherwise, but he isn’t buying it. Currently attending CSU, Chico, as a middling Computer Science and English double-major, he can’t wait to tell you how many tropes you’re overusing simply because he read their TvTropes page about twenty minutes ago and wants to show off.

Morgan Parker is a Senior at CSU, Chico. She is pursuing a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in English Education with an option in Creative Writing. She hopes to become a high school English teacher one day. She is also a poetry editor for Watershed Review literary magazine. When she isn’t busy with school or writing poetry, you can find her trying out new coffee shops, playing with her cat, Benny, or tending to her many house plants. She is currently working on various new pieces of writing for future submission.

Tami Peña lives in a small town in rural northern California. She has an MFA in screenwriting and teaches writing and languages.

Recovering from the chaos of the Camp Fire, Jenna Welton is wrapping up her final semester at Chico State, and will later pursue her goal of becoming an English professor at a state college. One can typically find her wearing black boots and a fashionable coat of her cat, Gracie’s, white hair. A fabulist/ dark fiction writer, she looks forward to publishing her petite pieces. Short on height but not on words, miss Welton’s Halloween-loving personality seeps through her writing.

Fall 2019