Spring 2024

Fall 2019


Sarah Benal | Litany
Lisa Favicchia | A Bloated Blue Whale Washes Up on Unsuspecting...
DS Levy | False Hellebore
Hina Rani | Total Solar Eclipse
Monica Strina | Limbs
Tina Xiang | That Same Sad Tale


Olakitan Aladesuyi | This is My Body
Kathleen Bangs | Man from the Moon
Kyle Cochrun | Approximation of Urban Heat, Vol. 4
Brandon Marlon | The Game You Lose Just by Playing
Ronald Smith | Sublimation
Mireya Vela | Insect Pins
Terrance Wedin | Background


Ben Aguilar | Let Me Rephrase That
Kristin Berger | Venus Comb
Carl Boon | There's Always Been Before
Kari Despain | If Anyone Got Her
Hollie Dugas | Alchemy's Darling
Kathryn Fitzpatrick | Outside the Last Dyke Bar... & Convenience Store
Juan Camillo Garza | Sabbath, What Belongs to Us & Untitled
Carrie George | New Spring
Laura G. Goetz | Seedling & Monsoon Season
Amy Hsieh | Parabole
Rebecca Macijeski | Theories of Opening... & Theories of Imagination
Anika Malhotra | nanay
Cecil Morris | I couldn't help myself
Janice Northerns | Tongues of Men and Angels
stephanie roberts | Bourbon Moon
Nicole Scott | Mother of Wolves
SM Stubbs | Tender
Jennifer Thal | We All Had One
Tiffany L. Thomas | autopoiesis


Jury S. Judge | Digital Photography
Bill Wolak | Collage

Many thanks to our student editors for their hard work on the Fall 2019 issue of Watershed Review: Lily Anderson, Alyssa Bounds, Joshua De La Cruz, Brianna Gorman, Alex Grant, Tashia Jones, Victoria Rose Lauderdale, Katelyn McLaughlin, Marco Medina, Landon Mote, Morgan Parker, Tami Peña, and Jenna Welton. 
Spring 2024