Spring 2024


By Juan Camillo Garza

hold the
lilies in
your mind

your hands
are nothing

they plant
gardens, sure,
but why

your mind
was made for
flowers too

what belongs to us

courage is money
mined from the heart

i had my beautiful crowbar
swinging like daisies
kissing glass
turning mailboxes into confetti

my crowbar sang in perfect key
caressed every note
and every windshield broke into applause


staring into a light

memory bleeds out

like heat from a knife

summer like a melon

split on the concrete

bringing flies like rain

that was the year

the washer broke

and roy did too

Juan Camillo Garza is a Mexican-American poet based in Austin, Texas. Among others, his writing can be found in; Columbia Journal, Hobart Pulp, Button Poetry, Typishly, and Poet Lore.

Spring 2024