Spring 2024

My Mom sounded tired today

By Hailey Pedersen

Maybe it was

a night of bad sleep or maybe my brother’s maybe baby woke her up or maybe she was overthinking how my brother’s maybe baby’s momma told the hospital that the dead brother was the father to try to get extra child support or maybe she has a part of her that wonders if the dead brother is the father which would devastate jail brother who just got out of jail and lives with mom and dad and baby momma and maybe baby all in one tiny house with three wiener dogs, five cats, and three stray dogs and my lil brother because mom doesn’t want jail brother or baby mama to end up like dead brother when dead brother got out of jail and got back on drugs and left us all or

maybe it was the no bake cookie she ate so late.

Hailey Pedersen has been previously published by Moon City Review where she later served as an assistant editor. She co-coordinates Buck Creek Lodge Writing Retreat, an annual writing retreat located in the heartland of the Ozarks. She currently resides with her partner and two cats in St. Louis, Missouri, where she teaches.

Spring 2024