Spring 2024

Fall 2022


Ian Allen | The Orca's Solace
Fred Arroyo | Paso Fino
Emily Huso | Second Coming
George Oliver | Decentred
Kimberly Ramos | Fable Containing the Warmth of a Hand


Erin Anderson | A Woman's Domain
Genalea Barker | An Appendectomy Would Be Nice
Amy Burroughs | Combustion
Molly Myers | Incurable Insecurity
John C. Morrison | The Resurrection of Jenny Wellman
Vimla Sriram | The Ritual of Grief


Gale Acuff | Nobody loves me and they never did...
Joanne Allred | Animal Rescue & Another Life
Julia C. Alter | Non-Monogamy (Bad Reasons)
Byron Fountain | Vecino Movie House, 1973
Bill Hollands | Float
Emily Jacko | dinner table script
Pete Miller | A Place Unfit & From the Everybody's People Little Free Library
Patricia Colleen Murphy | One Slip of Cotton Away from Naked
Kait Quinn | I Am Trying to Break Your Heart
Jacob Reina | A Disgraced War Veteran Finishes His Exile
Edward Sage | Wondrous Deeds
Claire Scott | Still Life with Tennis Racquet
Alison Terjek | I Want to Unsubscribe, but Instead
Gabriela Valencia | Restraint
Andrew Vogel | Sacrifice
John Walser | Your Planter's Hands & Let's Not Rush


Jessica Sid | Photography
Elaine Verdill | Acrylic 
Bill Wolak | Digital Collage

Many thanks to our student editors for their hard work on the Fall 2022 issue of Watershed Review: 

Selection Team: Laila Barrett, Bella Carcamo, Emma Conway, Kip Curiel, Sagan Davison, Taylor Dimas, Sam Fenton, Emily Finazzo, Sarah Gomez Negrete, Drew Hitchman, Brooke Kenney, Haleigh Payne, Alex Petersen, Audrey Roberts, Jennifer Rivera, Josh Shifflett, Isabella Silva, Tanner Simpson, Syd Stone, Dylan Townsend, Meg Turner, and Tim Wall  

Publication Team: Mataya Bryson O'Connor, Jen Carter, Dylan Cox, Sydney Cox, Brady Freitas, Harrison Hoang, Celeste Lentz, Sandra Martinez, Alejandro Mendez, Ally Moreno, Carlo Ortiz, Deeanna Prescott, Elisa Quintero, Tyler Reed, Jocelyn Sanchez, Myra Scott, Paityn Spector, Sarah Speegle, Nicolas Spevak, Faith Vargas, Elise Wall, Whitney Williams, Dana Wilske, Manting Xiong. 
Spring 2024