Spring 2024

Fall 2021


Abigail Miles | Three Hundred and Sixty Five
Thérèse Naccarato | A Winter Cage
Christina Reiss | Keeping Mother Safe
Linh Tran | Boxed In
Katherine Wasche | The Chronologist


Ashley Bowen | Waiting Rooms
Laura Fulton | Field Notes of a Pilgrimage Home
Scott Parker | Salad Days
Julie Pesano | The Trip of a Lifetime
Ali Tarbox Saperstein | Gray Areas


Amy Bagwell | cartomancy & such a moon
Moriah Bray | Lesbiennes Tragiques
Andrew K. Clark | Pollination
Alice Fritz | Elegy for a Reprieve
Halsey Hyer | Boy Loses Body & Boy Learns Pussy
Robert Krut | Watch Me Trick Ghosts & other poems
Kelli Lage | A Teacher's View
James Miller | Incapacitants
Fasasi Abdulrosheed Oladipupo | Happiness
Sarah Oso | Secrets & Self-portrait as Dragon
Bryan Price | The Pocket Stoics & other poems
Kolbe Riney | reference
Will Russo | You Sink You Glow
Marta Shaffer | Synchronize & Open Prayer to David Bowie
William Snyder, Jr. | Sylvilagus Pissofficus Villanellavus & Weighing Fargo
James Swansbrough | Your Gender Revealed a World on Fire & Walden Log Homes
Abby Wheeler | Solstice & The Tug


Elder Gideon | Sculpture
Chris Vaughan | Collage
Bill Wolak | Digital Collage

Many thanks to our student editors for their hard work on the Spring 2021 issue of Watershed Review: 

Web Editor: Dylan Townsend

Selection Team: Madeline August, Zachary Bennett, Lumi Bodea, Hunter Casperson, Taylor Dimas, Crystal Enos, Tori Fockler, Mariah Harvey Morales, Nina Heshmati, Layla Hutchings, Arie Kruger, Orion Liggett, Holly Llewellyn, Angelica Martin, Samuel McGillicuddy, Samantha Miller, Erin Moore, Stephanie Parsons, Kaelyn Ricci, Warren Rose, Gabriela Rudolph, Lilly Vang, and Paisley Weigel

Publication Team: Laila Barrett, Bella Carcamo, Emma Conway, Kip Curiel, Sagan Davison, Taylor Dimas, Sam Fenton, Emily Finazzo, Sarah Gomez Negrete, Drew Hitchman, Brooke Kenney, Haleigh Payne, Alex Petersen, Audrey Roberts, Jennifer Rivera, Josh Shifflett, Isabella Silva, Tanner Simpson, Syd Stone, Dylan Townsend, Meg Turner, and Tim Wall 
Spring 2024