Spring 2024

Aarthi (आरती)

by Marco Harnam Kaisth

Come come come—

I will share your weight like sweet-toed deer
lilt across the borrowed lawn. I desire endlessly
living, I desire endlessly dark. For you, my middle,

I’ve swallowed my tongue and eight fingers; I’ve found
a cave in the pure mountains; I will turn my bones
to harmonium reeds fluting your breath. Come

as a stolen thing and I will hold you tight under
my shirt and listen for your body-sounds. Come,
sink stars into wet heat with your coming, spin

moonlight to a tent for our meeting. Come
rebreak the garden, root through
these growing spaces as plants do,speaking only an under tongue
of sweetness and earth.

Marco Harnam Kaisth is a poet, artist, and computer scientist based in Chicago. He is a Global Leadership Fellow at Waseda University. He has received awards from The Poetry Society of Vermont and The University of Chicago. His work has appeared in Another Chicago Magazine, the Zimmerli Museum, Mountain Troubadour, Commiserate, and more. See more at mhk.dev.

Spring 2024