Spring 2024

Spring 2022


Nathan Greene | One Afternoon in Union Station
Anastasia Jill | Mother of
Kameron Ray Morton | You Don’t Have to Be Good to Be Nice
Mikayla Randolph | Trappings of Cotton, Leather, and Vinyl
Daniel Webre | Sanders


Jordan Charlton | In a Time Such as This
Leah Francesca Christianson | Accommodations 
Alaina Scarano | The Mariana Trench
Renee Soasey | Slot Canyon
Angela Youngblood | Nullity


Abdulmueed Balogun | I Feel Like Writing
Jennifer Bullis | Look to the Sky and Shake Your Head
Lauren Hyunseo Cho | Stings of Insects & Atlant(is)
Dennis Cummings | Parasite
Javan Howard | Give Me One Reason: An Erasure Poem for Survival
Courtney Ludwick | On Why It Matters What You Call a Thing
Daniel Edward Moore | Last Time We Called it the Last Vacation & We Tend...
L.I. Henley & Laura Maher | Unknowingly/ winter evenings & Find Name, Road Home
Annie Przypyszny | Sometimes I Dream About Whales
Evy Shen | where to find me in the waning of touch
Ashley Somwaru | To My Aunt Who Can't Read
Jeddie Sophronius | Altar & Edge of Heaven
Nancy White | Nerve & The Fact


Russ Allison Loar | Photography
Mario Loprete | Sculpture
Christina Rosche | Watercolor

Many thanks to our student editors for their hard work on the Spring 2022 issue of Watershed Review: 

Selection Team: Laila Barrett, Bella Carcamo, Emma Conway, Kip Curiel, Sagan Davison, Taylor Dimas, Sam Fenton, Emily Finazzo, Sarah Gomez Negrete, Drew Hitchman, Brooke Kenney, Haleigh Payne, Alex Petersen, Audrey Roberts, Jennifer Rivera, Josh Shifflett, Isabella Silva, Tanner Simpson, Syd Stone, Dylan Townsend, Meg Turner, and Tim Wall 

Publication Team: Mataya Bryson O'Connor, Jen Carter, Dylan Cox, Sydney Cox, Brady Freitas, Harrison Hoang, Celeste Lentz, Sandra Martinez, Alejandro Mendez, Ally Moreno, Carlo Ortiz, Deeanna Prescott, Elisa Quintero, Tyler Reed, Jocelyn Sanchez, Myra Scott, Paityn Spector, Sarah Speegle, Nicolas Spevak, Faith Vargas, Elise Wall, Whitney Williams, Dana Wilske, Manting Xiong. 
Spring 2024