Spring 2024

Spring / Fall 2020


Jerome Berglund | Patently Falsetto
Charles Grosel | Best for Everyone
Cleo Harrington | Pockets
Christina Miranda | Bleach
Mandira Pattnaik | Gods, Goats, Guns
Ralph Pennel | Trevor from Now On


Daria Booth | Three Food Stories
Jason Emde | Gifu Castle
Andrea Marcusa | Absolution
Scott F. Parker | Your Legacy, My Boy
Nina Rodenko | Diane
Elizabeth Vondrak | My Son


Baba Badji | Shrine Keeper is Trapped in Owl's Nest & Tapestry...
David J. Bauman | Emergency Room, Echo & Nearby There is a Field
Hallie Beard | Portrait in heat wave, the lyric you has a problem...
Laura Cherry | Spring Supper at Acorn Glen & Generations Pass...
Joshua Clayton | Outward Watching & two more
Brittney Corrigan | L'Appel du Vide & Elegy for One Billion Animals
Kimberly Glanzman | Hunger
Marco Harnam Kaisth | Aarthi (आरती)
Paul Pickering | Baelo Claudia & Passenger Pigeon
Sujash Purna | Einaan See Eight
Kaylen Rose | Carry, I Wrote in the Air & green
Rikki Santer | Mama Was a Big Band Singer
Emily Shearer | Born and Alive to Each Other & Arson
Martha Silano | My Guardian Angel Was a Crow and God Didn't...
John Struloeff | In the Warehouse & It Always Seems to End...
Alison Terjek | Grandma, in the Mountains & To My Recurring...
Kari Treese | pink flower, white wood & a dedication


Christine Connerly | Digital Photography
Mandy Cooper | Archival Pigment Print
Karley Downham | Digital Mixed Media
Angjelin Hila | Digital Media

Many thanks to our student editors for their hard work on the Spring/Fall 2020 issue of Watershed Review: 

Selection Editors: (Prose) Alondra Adame, Sophie Diaz, Devin Feakes, Char Pfaff, Rama Redwine, Lauren Tracy, Brianna Wilburn, Sara Walls, Marysa Becker, Preston Begbie, Alyssa Bounds, Andrew Esmay, Jacob Nesci, Katherine Wasche, Jenna Welton (Poetry) Jennifer Carter, Kelsey Gutierrez, Tim Hayes, Jennifer Infante, Olivia Midby, Alma Perez-Ramirez, Josue Romo, Elle Spears, Savannah Rubalcava, Kyndall Vargas

Publication Team: Simone Bates, Preston Begbie, Haley Begun, Jennifer Carter, Adam Galbraith, Aaron Guzman, Isabel Henson, Morgan Konefal, Ilianna Laguna, Ava Norgrove, Laurel Olson, Megan Quijada, Riley Tippin, Dylan Townsend, Savannah Tristan, Jennifer Turman, Kyndall Vargas

Spring 2024